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Baby Printed Cloth Diapers Alva

Baby Printed Cloth Diapers Alva

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1 pc. Alva Printed Cloth Diapers

Cute Printed Cloth Diapers to collect for your baby stash!
Includes 1 CD's and 1 insert

FEATURES:One Size Cloth Diapers are: VERY ECONOMICAL

* Waterproof Outer layer is made from PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)
* Inner layer of custom micro fleece that keeps baby dry
* Super absorbent 3 layer Microfiber Inserts (also called Soaker)
* Choose your design/s code from picture, tell us the quantity and code
* Bright color could bring happy and harmonious feeling to baby: Science proves that bright color is good to baby on environmental cognition.
* Unique design of 3*3 snaps to adjust the size
* Fit baby weight from 0-3 y/o
* S.M.L all in one size (please adjust the button according to the body size of baby)

Suitable to be used during night time (approximately 10pm - 7 am) with 2 inserts. But it may varies to your baby`s frequency of urination.

How Many Diapers do I need ?
First of all you need to determine how often you will be doing laundry.
With that in mind, here are some reasonable estimates about cloth diapers you will need:
Newborn to 4 months - 20 - 24 diapers
Infant (4 to 10 months) - 16 - 20 diapers
Toddler (10 months to potty training) - 12 - 16 diapers

Please note quantities are based on an average sized baby and if you wash every other day. More diapers will be needed if you go longer between washings.

How to adjust the diapers to fit your baby --
There are 3 lines of buttons. The top line adjusts to the second line of buttons. This will make the size medium. The top line adjusts to the bottom line of buttons will make the size small.


✓ 100% Cotton Onesies

✓ Sizes from new born until 12 Months

✓ Digitally Printed

✓ Hypoallergenic, Breathable and All-Natural Onesies

✓ Standard sizing bracket per month, see measurement chart

Shipping & Returns


✓ Standard sizing bracket per month, see measurement chart

Baby Onesies Size Chart

Care Instructions

✓ Care Instructions: Cold or Hand Wash only, do not Soak, do not Iron directly on prints

Care Instructions:
  • Cold or Gentle Wash, Recommended to Hand Wash only
  • Dry Normal, Do not Soak,
  • Do not Iron directly on prints, Iron inside out, Low Heat, Cotton
  • Do not Wring
  • Do not Bleach
 Wash Care Instructions
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