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Human Nature Skin Shield G6PD Soybean Feee DEET-Free Lotion

Human Nature Skin Shield G6PD Soybean Feee DEET-Free Lotion

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- Prevents your kids from Mosquito Bites

- Alarming ZIKA & Japanese Encephalitis disease

100% Natural
Keep pesky bugs away with just a few spritzes of goodness!
Our all natural, DEET-free formulation is infused with citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and orange oil for an added boost of protection against mosquitoes while sunflower seed oil - our golden elixir - helps keep skin moisturized, smooth, and supple.

Fight dengue the DEET-free way all while fighting poverty! 100% of the profits from every Bug Shield Oil and Bug Shield Lotion sold will fund the development of sustainable livelihood for our partner farming communities in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

Keep a small bottle of the 100% Natural Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil on hand when on the go – when camping, hiking, or on picnics. You can be sure of having a safe trip without leaving behind any toxic chemicals!
Reapply every 2-4 hours, depending on physical activity and sweating.

"Bug Shield Oil is perhaps the safest and most genuinely natural insect repellent available in the market today. Most popular insect repellent brands contain DEET, a chemical whose potential dangers and health risks have become so prominent that Health Canada actually barred personal insect repellents with more than 30% DEET! All of our Bug Shields are 100% natural and 100% DEET-Free, which is why so many mommies trust only Human Nature to protect their babies from dengue :)

As with all products, we recommend doing a patch test on your baby before using it all over their body because a baby's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's skin. For best results, we recommend avoiding the eye, nose, and mouth areas and reapplying it every 2-4 hours for continuous protection against bites


✓ 100% Cotton Onesies

✓ Sizes from new born until 12 Months

✓ Digitally Printed

✓ Hypoallergenic, Breathable and All-Natural Onesies

✓ Standard sizing bracket per month, see measurement chart

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✓ Standard sizing bracket per month, see measurement chart

Baby Onesies Size Chart

Care Instructions

✓ Care Instructions: Cold or Hand Wash only, do not Soak, do not Iron directly on prints

Care Instructions:
  • Cold or Gentle Wash, Recommended to Hand Wash only
  • Dry Normal, Do not Soak,
  • Do not Iron directly on prints, Iron inside out, Low Heat, Cotton
  • Do not Wring
  • Do not Bleach
 Wash Care Instructions
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